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Element 79 Gold and Element 47 Silver:  Precious metals originate from supernova explosions and were delivered through an epic meteor shower that rained down on Earth 3.9 billion years ago.

Element 6 Carbon:  Diamonds are a  perfect structure of carbon atoms, formed under crushing pressure, intense heat and the passage of millions of years in Earths upper mantle 100 miles below the surface, and transported to Earth’s surface through deep volcanic eruptions.

About Jennifer

Born out of a repeated ransacking of her mother’s jewelry chest as a child and her days spent on the lonely beaches and woods of eastern Long Island, Jennifer’s insatiable love for nature, art and science brought her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  She eventually decided to attend the Gemological Institute of America, receiving the coveted William Goldberg Diamond Corporation scholarship and inspiring her to become a designer that combines all three elements into each piece.

Throughout her collection, Jennifer is dedicated to the creation of art in every piece she designs.  Her signature minimalist and refined industrial pieces are driven by contrasting unique design concepts and materials while showcasing the natural and stunning beauty of precious metals and stones.  This modern interpretation creates an instantly recognizable, wearable and unique hand crafted piece of art.

Behind each design is Jennifer’s respect for the art and craft of metalsmithing.  Never abandoning her ideals that jewelry should be special and individual, she personally hand fabricates each and every piece.  Jennifer and her clientele recognize and value the scarcity of true craftsmanship and the unique works of art it produces in a market where the vast majority of items are stamped out at high speed and volume through mechanized mass production.




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